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Acting, Voiceover and UGC

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 01, 2023.
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Acting Voiceover and UGC is a phenomenal subject matter to cover. For those who are trained actors, an exciting spectrum of opportunities opens up across several entertainment spheres which include screen, theatre, User-Generated Content (UGC), and voiceover work. Interestingly, the skills that shine in front of a microphone are equally compelling before a camera or an audience. But how does this translate to UGC? Well, We will explore this and how many of the principles remain the same. Let's investigate this performance interplay further.

Opportunities for the Voiceover Actor

Besides their voiceover projects, many voice actors are finding rewarding work in UGC, given the high degree of transferable skills. This could involve narrating others' projects, participating as actors, or even presenting. To understand these vast avenues better, we'll break them down and explore the voiceover element as well.

Acting Skills in UGC

Effective acting in UGC requires excellent improvisation skills. For instance, imagine a scenario where a woman claims to have been hit by a slowly moving car, arguing that the driver braked too late. The driver retorts that she intentionally threw herself onto the bonnet to file a false claim. Both actors must deliver convincing performances that keep the audience guessing, lending authenticity to the situation. Who is right? Who knows! That is the thrill of this content, it is up to the audience to decide. 

Presenting Performance in UGC

Following the previous scenario, a presenter could appear at the video's end with a line such as, "So who's right? Is she trying to make a claim, or did the driver actually hit her? Share your thoughts in the comments, and thank you for watching." It may sound simple, but setting up lights, backdrop, and camera correctly is essential for a compelling performance.

Voiceover Performance in UGC

UGC often takes the form of short videos or reels, typically lasting no more than three minutes due to social media restrictions. Using the above scenario, a voiceover might introduce the video with a link such as: "This woman claims the driver hit her, while the driver accuses her of contriving the situation for a lawsuit." When and how voiceovers are used in UGC is primarily up to the content creators, but the process is indeed fascinating.

Conclusion: Voiceover and Acting Performance in UGC

A significant portion of UGC is filmed on smartphones, adding an authenticity factor that makes the content seem more real. A high-budget production could risk looking overly choreographed, reducing the viewer's believability. Therefore, footage that appears to have been captured spontaneously by a passerby using a shaky-handed phone camera is often more impactful. To learn more about UGC, you can explore our previous article here. For a deeper understanding of the equipment required for UGC, consider our comprehensive two-part article.

Acting Voiceover and UGC by Alan Shires

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