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Finding Voiceover Work

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 19, 2023. Last Updated: Jun 20, 2023.
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The unexpected happens. Whether it's a household repair bill or a car mishap that sets you back $400, such unforeseen expenses can impact your finances, especially if you're in the voiceover industry, known for its peaks and troughs. This article will explore various strategies for finding voiceover work during lean times.

Leverage Your Mailing List to Secure Work

Throughout your voiceover career, every customer interaction should be an opportunity to expand your contact list. Whether you've successfully landed a job or simply had a positive engagement, record the contact’s name and email address. This list becomes your go-to resource during lean periods. A friendly email can remind these professionals of your voiceover services, potentially leading to new opportunities.

Use Voiceover Pay-to-Play Sites

Though not typically the most lucrative, pay-to-play sites can provide valuable income during quiet times. If you need to supplement your income or strengthen your mailing list, these platforms can connect you with new clients. A comprehensive list of these sites catering to voiceover and on-screen acting has been covered in one of our other blogs, check it out!

Google Your Way to Voiceover Work

Google is a versatile tool for sourcing voiceover opportunities. Actively searching for work using Google can lead to new contacts and future opportunities. Begin with your local area and expand your search from there. From production companies and animation studios to video game developers, a broad spectrum of industry professionals could be just a Google search away.

Connecting with Voiceover Agents

If you're without a voiceover agent, it's time to start looking. Analyze their roster to understand your potential competition and how you can differentiate yourself. Evaluate the type of work the agent is securing and assess if it aligns with your skills. Propose a strong business proposition showcasing how you can be an asset to them. Remember, the agent-actor relationship is mutually beneficial, so consider how you can contribute.

If you already have an agent, seek feedback on your performance. Ask about recent pitches, casting directors' comments, and areas for improvement. Investing in better equipment or updating your voice reels based on their suggestions could boost your appeal in the market.

Finding Opportunities on Social Media

Social media platforms can also serve as valuable resources for voiceover opportunities. Occasionally, voiceover groups or casting directors may post casting calls. These posts usually echo their website listings and email communications. Keeping a close eye on these sources and regularly interacting with these professionals can provide additional work prospects.

Thinking Outside the Box: Other Voiceover Work Opportunities

Creativity is key when seeking alternative opportunities in the voiceover industry. Exploring roles that are similar to voiceover work but require a slightly different skill set can also generate income during slow periods. To learn more about transferable skills in the voiceover industry and how to leverage them, refer to this comprehensive article. As you navigate the fluctuating voiceover landscape, remember that adaptability and initiative can make a significant difference during a quiet phase

Finding Voiceover Work by Alan Shires

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