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Work Related to Voiceover

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 20, 2023.
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Voiceover work can often appear elusive, particularly when you're in urgent need. As we've highlighted in our previous article, various strategies can help secure work in this field. However, an untapped reservoir of potential employment awaits those willing to use some creative thinking and take risks. Indeed, the process of creatively finding voiceover jobs might not be straightforward, but the rewards are tremendous. Work Related to Voiceover is in abundance, many fields of work surround voiceover and relate to it greatly, these fields are worth considering when extra income is required.

Related Work and Imparting Knowledge

Ever contemplated teaching? The world is brimming with teachers, but it's crucial to understand your audience and the subject matter. Even the most skilled voice actors often rely on coaches to guide and improve them. With a continuous influx of aspiring talents into the industry, the need for support is immense.

Remember, you needn't teach something you haven't mastered. However, you can certainly impart knowledge to those less experienced, offering them guidance on voiceover business aspects. Share your insights on industry operations, how to find work, create compelling demos, build relationships with agents, and more. Although teaching may not strictly be voiceover work, it's an excellent means to keep the income stream flowing.

Social Media in A Voiceover Business

By now, you should have grasped the art of managing social media for your business. For instance, while it might be interesting to share your latest home improvement project, your audience may not share the enthusiasm. However, a big job booking with an exciting client? That's worth broadcasting on your platforms.

But have you considered assisting voiceover firms with their social media strategies? By leveraging your industry knowledge, brand understanding, and free time, you can provide valuable support. Similar to the above, although this is not strictly voiceover work, this approach facilitates networking and engagement whilst providing income. This could also potentially lead to you being hired for voiceover roles. It's all about strategic creativity.

Other Avenues to Secure Voiceover Work

Think about other skills you possess. Could your proofreading prowess offer linguistic services to potential clients? If you're a whiz at SEO, could you support an industry firm in enhancing its web presence? Or, could you provide consultation on expanding a professional's product line or services?

Consider your participation in industry trade shows, or offering clerical aid to casting or agent offices. There's a plethora of opportunities within the industry, and your unique expertise can prove valuable. By bringing something unique to the table, you can align yourself with influential figures that could eventually offer you voiceover jobs.

The Key to Working Successfully

Lacking the skills mentioned above? No worries – it's time for an upgrade. Take crash courses on Facebook ads or social media distribution. Identify gaps in the industry, educate yourself, and aim to fill those voids. Strive to keep your financial situation stable while maintaining your industry engagement.

While stardom might be your end goal, it's important to keep the bills paid during this journey. All of the strategies shared in this article will keep you in the voiceover loop, and your consistent effort will not go unnoticed. Embrace creativity, stay open to learning, and capitalize on your unique skill set to thrive in the voiceover industry.

Work Related to Voiceover by Alan Shires

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