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The Creativity of Voiceover Business Cards

By Alan Shires. Published Jun 28, 2023.
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While business cards may seem outdated in this digital age of instant communication, they continue to hold a crucial role. People appreciate tangible objects, and business cards offer a physical manifestation of your brand. This article explores the best practices for creating voiceover business cards and the essential information they should contain.

Best Practices for Voiceover Business Cards

Ordering 1,000 business cards in bulk may fill you with anticipation, making you eager for potential clients to book you instantly. However, we need to reassess this approach. The primary objective should be acquiring the potential client's card, not the other way around. When you have their card, it allows you to initiate the contact, keeping the ball in your court. Additionally, forcing your card onto them can make you seem over eager and in turn repel the potential new client. 

Then, what's the role of your card? It's valuable in scenarios where you've built a strong rapport with someone. In such cases, exchanging cards can be a pleasant, formal gesture akin to a small gift exchange. If they offer their card, it's good etiquette to reciprocate with yours, ensuring that both parties have each other's contact details.

What Should a Voice Actor's Business Card Contain?

Your website link should be the first element on your card, allowing the recipient to explore your work. If you don't have a website, we're here to assist. You can connect with us for free advice on setting one up. Next, your email address is essential – it's their direct line to contact you. Including your company name and phone number is not obligatory, but it provides alternate communication routes and information. However, your residential address is unnecessary. A business card is a compact space; overloading it with information can make it look cluttered.

Maintaining Consistency in Voiceover Branding

Consistency and personal representation are the cornerstones of effective branding. Our team can help guide you through design decisions and understand your preferences. This journey can be adventurous and insightful, but the end goal should be a brand that you truly love.

For example, if your work primarily involves medical narration, aligning your branding with that field—rather than an animation style—may be more appropriate. However, if you're planning to venture into animated voiceovers, exploring a touch of that style could be beneficial. When designing business cards, aim to leave a lasting impression with a unique, niche concept.

Voiceover Business Cards Final Thoughts

If you require branding support, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Ensure that your business cards are proofread before printing—many printing companies offer this service. Consistency in branding across your website, e-signature, and business cards is key to projecting a unified image. If you haven't got an e-signature yet, don't worry. You can explore more about e-signatures in our dedicated article.

The Creativity of Voiceover Business Cards by Alan Shires

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