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The Fresh Developments in the Voiceover Industry

By Alan Shires. Published May 22, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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Developments in the Voiceover Industry are ever on going but there are key times of the year to explore them. January is often perceived as a bittersweet month worldwide, serving as a gentle reminder of the holiday cheer that has just passed, yet at the same time it promises a fresh start. While the lack of sunlight and the long wait for the next holiday season can be daunting for many, the month's underlying theme of new beginnings presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the question, 'What's new in the world of voiceover?'

For those working and growing their voiceover careers during the holiday, it is worth revisiting the prior year's events and the holiday season, which are discussed in a recent article. This piece focuses on the emerging trends and influential aspects in the 2023 voiceover industry that could potentially enhance your business. Sounds good right? lets go.

The Influence of Awards in the Voiceover Industry

Recognition the accolades are key motivators in every industry, and the voiceover field is no exception. At the global level, the One Voice Awards are held in both the UK and America, while the Vox Awards take place in the UK, and the SOVAS awards in New York. These grand ceremonies are reminders that voiceover artists are held in high regard within the entertainment business. The numerous awarding bodies available attest to the credibility and importance of this industry.

Spotlight on Conferences for Voice Actors

Similarly, voiceover artists have numerous conferences to attend, a stark contrast to the times when such gatherings seemed a distant memory due to pandemic lockdowns. The industry now boasts a selection of conferences, including VO Atlanta in Georgia, One Voice in London and Dallas, Texas, SOVAS in New York, Mavo in West Virginia, VO North in Canada, Get Your Game On in London, and many others. This offers numerous opportunities for artists to connect, network, and share their experiences.

The Development of AI Disrupting the Voiceover Industry

AI technology continues to evolve and is becoming increasingly dominant in the voiceover field. An increasing number of companies are now providing AI voiceover services. While this doesn't signal the end of human voiceover artists, it suggests a shift in the industry's paradigm. Regardless, the need for human emotion and performance is irreplaceable and will continue to be crucial in this industry. Many of the industry's strongest pillars are now coming together to tackle and address AI.

The Development of Pay-To-Play Sites

Considering the substantial rise of Fiverr, which now boasts one of the most potent contractor SEOs worldwide and a robust platform underpinned by sophisticated algorithms, it's clear that pay-to-play sites are here to stay. It is essential for every performer to explore different platforms and choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences, considering that each comes with its distinct set of advantages and drawbacks. A voice actor is not short of pay-to-play sites in this industry that is certain. 

The Evolution of Voiceover

The year 2023 brings with it an array of considerations for the voiceover industry. Some factors, such as awards and conferences, continue to progress, while others, such as the role of AI and pay-to-play sites, represent newer elements. The voiceover industry is dynamic, constantly evolving, and keeping pace with these changes is crucial for anyone seeking success in this field.


Developments in the Voiceover Industry by Alan Shires

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