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The Power of New Beginnings in Voice Acting

By Alan Shires. Published May 22, 2023. Last Updated: May 24, 2023.
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Transitioning from one year to the next is much more significant than a regular day transitioning from twilight to sunrise. It is a chance for voice actors to embrace the adage 'new year, new voiceover', a phrase full of potential and hope. Humans are notorious for setting new year resolutions ranging from personal lifestyle changes to career advancements. Resolutions can vary from personal improvements such as limiting screen time or swearing less, to more career-oriented objectives like enhancing one's professional expertise or committing more time to marketing oneself. The new year is a perfect opportunity for new beginnings in voice acting. 

A Fresh Chapter for Voice Acting Ventures

This discussion centers on harnessing the power of the new year to propel voiceover pursuits, emphasizing the weight of ambition over unfulfilled goals. As we know, resolutions are customary habits as we step into a new year. However, the harsh reality is that by the end of the first week, many individuals have already abandoned the newly made goal/goals for a life of comfort and ease.

Embracing Change - A New Beginning

The commencement of a new year offers a fresh milestone for implementing personal, professional, and spiritual transformations. The question is: how do we define success in this context? Is it about persisting without giving up until the end of the year? Or perhaps it's landing a new voiceover gig? In reality, success is likely a blend of both. Persevering through the year without reaping the rewards of the resolution can lead to disappointment. Yet, securing a job mid-year and then neglecting the remaining year is also counterproductive.

Building Beneficial Voice Acting Habits

Given the foregoing, the aim is to foster a new lifestyle and behavioral change. New Year's resolutions can morph into invaluable habits that bolster your professional growth. The fear of not securing a job by year-end is daunting, yet it's essential to remember that true failure only manifests when one gives up. The trick is to remain committed and let the job opportunities flow naturally. However, early success does not warrant quitting nor does it permit a false sense of security. It is important to stay focused regardless of how quickly you book the job. A resolution is only fulfilled when its intentions have been fully realized. If the resolution is a year-long commitment, it should last the entire year. After all, there is always another client who can benefit from your services.

New Year's Checklist for Voice Acting Success

Now is the perfect time to pen down the transformations you intend to make. These could range from developing a robust marketing strategy to revising your cover letter. There is an array of actions you can take to maximize your professional potential. Among the most impactful tasks is enhancing your website. A free consultation with Voice Actor Websites can provide insight into your branding, email success rate, and SEO best practices that might be affecting your online presence.


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